Thea Bauder

Our team is passionate about pet care and dedicated to taking the absolute best care of your furry best friend.

Thea Bauder
Kennel Technician Assistant and Veterinary Assistant.

Meet our receptionist, Thea! She is the first face people see when they walk in the door, and she knows she must be friendly, personable, confident, calm, and have strong knowledge of the services we provide! Thea has a passion for animals and loves working in an environment with challenges.

Thea was raised around animals because her entire family lives on farms. Her mom also worked at a vet office! When she was younger, she spent some time on her uncle’s farm and bonded with the horses. One of the horses fell ill, and she watched as they made the hard decision to put the horse down. After that day, she knew she wanted to be a vet.

Moving forward, her mom continued to make animals a large part of Thea’s life, from clubs to school courses, seminars, her first job, and even horseback riding lessons.

Thea has a bright future in the veterinary industry.


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