At some point during your four-legged family member’s lifetime, the need for some type of surgical intervention will likely arise, whether it’s an elective procedure, like a spay or neuter, or something deemed medically necessary. At Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic, we want to put your mind at ease, knowing that when you bring your fur baby to us for surgery, whether it’s routine or complex, he or she will receive the highest quality of care available.

The doctors at Lakeway are highly skilled at performing a broad range of surgeries, and they always adhere to the strictest standards of care. We never want your fur baby to be at risk, so we take extra precautions at every turn to ensure a safe, comfortable and stress-free experience. In addition to our veterinarians, our well-trained care team is made up of qualified, compassionate veterinary technicians and assistants, all of whom are available to assist with your pet’s surgery.

From the moment you drop your companion off, he or she will be in excellent hands. Before surgery, we’ll examine your fur baby and run a series of tests to confirm whether they are healthy enough to proceed. Once we get the green light, we’ll then work on prepping your fur baby, which includes developing a customized pain management plan based on his or her overall health and a variety of risk factors. We want to ensure that your furry friend remains as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the entire process.

During surgery, your companion’s vital signs, including blood pressure and heart rate, will be carefully monitored by our highly skilled technicians using the most modern and up to date monitoring equipment.

The surgical services available to patients at Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic include:

  • Spays/Neuters
  • Soft Tissue Surgeries
  • Orthopedic Procedures

When surgery is complete, you will be contacted by one of our care team members, who will advise you on how the procedure went and scheduled a time for you to retrieve your four-legged best friend. In the interim, your companion can rest comfortably in our warm, peaceful recovery area. When you arrive to pick up your fur baby, we’ll explain our post-operative care instructions, including an appropriate pain management plan to help your fur baby recover as painlessly as possible.

In some instances, our veterinarians may feel it necessary that your fur baby undergoes a procedure that requires more advanced equipment or the care of someone that possesses a higher level of training. For these situations, we will gladly refer you to one of the many board certified veterinary specialists with whom we have developed long-time working relationships. This allows us to ensure that each and every patient we serve receives the best possible care, even if it’s not directly from us.

When it comes to pet surgery, we understand how stressful and nerve-wracking a time it can be for you both. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want you to feel confident that whatever your companion’s surgical needs may be, you can trust the team at Lakeway Animal Medical & Surgical Clinic!

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (936) 856-0200.